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The relative proportion of the "state" in which mouse resources are maintained across all repositories (not a measure of unique strains).
The IMSR is a searchable online database of mouse strains, stocks, and mutant ES cell lines available worldwide, including inbred, mutant, and genetically engineered strains. The goal of the IMSR is to assist the international scientific community in locating and obtaining mouse resources for research. Note that the data content found in the IMSR is as supplied by strain repository holders.

For each strain or cell line listed in the IMSR, users can obtain information about:
  • Where that resource is available (Repository Site)
  • What state(s) the resource is available as (e.g. live, cryopreserved embryo or germplasm, ES cells)
  • Links to descriptive information about a strain or ES cell line
  • Links to mutant alleles carried by a strain or ES cell line
  • Links for ordering a strain or ES cell line from a Repository
  • Links for contacting the Repository to send a query

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